Arne Parish


Arne is a rural parish with about 1,370 citizens in settlements from Worgret in the west to Arne hamlet in the east and Furzebrook Road to the south, with most people in villages at Ridge & Stoborough. Apart from a small proportion of mudflat and water to the east, the 29 km2 of the Parish is about half used for farming with a fifth heathland and a fifth woodland.


Latest News

14 Feb 2024

The photo shows work that is being undertaken on our Hedgerows.

Further information highlighting the importance of this may be found in the 'Our Environment' section of the website.

Allotment Hedge Layering in Progress
13 Feb 2024
Rebrand of AONB to National Landscape
07 Dec 2023

Dorset Council has recently announced that the current Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will be rebranded as a National Landscape along with the 46 other AONBs.   More information can be found on the Dorset Council Website.

Planning Applications
30 Nov 2023


P/HOU/2023/06577Proposal:Proposed first floor extension over existing garage. Proposed single storey rear extension. Internal alterations.Location:8 Gover Close
BH20 5BU


Knoll Farm Planning Update


From: Mark White (Planning)
Sent: 05 October 2023 13:55
Subject: Planning Enforcement Knoll Farm Camp site EN/2021/0056


Dear Sirs,


Following on from a complaint made to our service I am now in a position to give a final update on the Enforcement Case EN/2021/0056.


The basis of the complaint was that a toilet block and showers had been built to support the operation of a pop-up campsite at Knoll Farm Soldiers Road in line with the 28-day exemption. Following the unsuccessful planning application, the site operators were asked to dismantle structures within a set time scale.


The site owners and operators have opted not to use their ability to appeal the planning refusal and have complied with the council’s requirements to remove the structure. All planning breaches have now ceased and as a result we have now closed the case.


The site owners have informed of their intention to operate in 2024 under the new permitted 60-day exception. Our service will not interfere with this operation unless there are clear planning breaches that can be evidenced.


Kind regards



P/FUL/2022/07955Proposal:Erection of 12 dwellings (Use Class C3), including access, drainage, landscaping and associated infrastructureLocation:Land at Stepping Stones Field










Speed Watch
29 Nov 2023

Volunteers for Speed Watch Wardens: UPDATE


A sufficient number of volunteers have now been recruited and training and procurement of equipment is set to commence.