Purbeck Coast Radio will be holding their 4th Coffee Morning at Stoborough Village Hall towards the end of the month and the date will be published shortly.


The Queen's Platinum Jubilee was celebrated throughout Purbeck and some photos have been posted of the activities.



Dorset History Centre ARNE
17 Mar 2022

Arne History Blog

Arne Parish Neighbourhood Plan
07 May 2021
Arne Parish Neighbourhood Plan
On the 6th May, the Arne Neighbourhood Plan went to referendum. Many parishioners were involved in the production of the Plan or ontributed via public meetings, parish council meetings and surveys, and therefore know that this has been a very long and complicated process. It all began back in 2013 with a vision:
'Arne Parish has a unique natural environment formed by past cultural, economic, social, industrial and agricultural practices. While recognising and protecting its heritage, we seek to ensure the long-term sustainability and viability of the parish through environmental and economic measures that will develop the community and its charm, so that all its residents, young or old, will continue to live in a community were they feel safe, cared for and happy.'
We are very pleased to announce that over 500 residents turned out to vote on 6 May 2021 and the final count was 479 in favour and 36 against - 93% in favour. Of the 8 Neighbourhood Plan referendums being help throughout Dorset on the day, Arne had the highest turnout and the largest majority in favour. We would like to thank all those who voted in favour of the Plan for their support. 
You can click here to see a PDF of the whole Neighbourhood Plan



Dorset Local Plan
01 Mar 2021




Get Arne Parish Council's response in PDF

to the Dorset Local Plan.        

Wessex Coast and Flood Strategy
03 Dec 2017

Arne Parish as part of Dorset is included in the Wessex Regional Flood and Coastal Committee's remit.   Residents might be interested in this document which gives an overview of policy in our area and highlights the responsibilities of the Environment Agency and Dorset County Council.

Environment Agency Arne Moors Managed Realignment Project 31st Oct 2017
25 Nov 2017

This is presentation material from the Environment Agency regarding the Arne Moors sea-wall re-alignment meeting at Furzebrook Village Hall.


The Presentation is here.

Briefing Notes are here.

FAQs are here.

Arne Parish Liaison notes from the meeting are here.





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